Which is the best blogging platform ? 

Which is the best blogging platform ?

Are you planning on starting a blog and looking for an idle platform ? WordPress is the best choice. WordPress is the #1 most popular blog software. It’s used by about 38% of all sites in the top 1 million sites and by an astonishing 95% of all the blogs among those sites. WordPress has a lot of Flexibility and offers Customization to Integrate scripts for Development. Because WordPress has most easy user interface. Most of the people feel comfort with WordPress. I’ve come up with 8 reasons why you should be using this platform for your blog.

1. Easy to set up and use

WordPress is very easy to use. After installing it, you can manage it right away. You need no technical knowledge to edit and design your website the way you want.

2. Free themes and plugins

There are different types of blogging themes already present according to the categories of blogs. Apart from themes, more and more useful plugins are getting added to catch with the current trend of the online world.

3. Support numerous media types.

WordPress support pretty much any type of media. If you would like to put a photo , gif, video or document on your website, it is usually fair game with WordPress.

4. Social Media Support

WordPress has the best set of plugins for social media sharing and profile integration.

5. Allow multiple users

You can build your website with multiple users and assign each of them specific roles and they can access your blog according to the limitations that you give them.

6. SEO and Analytics

A website in WordPress itself has good SEO value. Advanced tools are available for boosting SEO and showing detailed analytics of site visitors.

7. Over 120 Different Languages

The fact that WordPress is accessible in so many languages (primarily via plugin like WeGlot) is one of the biggest thing that set it apart from other platforms. WordPress makes it easy to translate a website into a different language.

8. WordPress Support Forum

WordPress support forum comes out to be the easiest way to get all the support. More over a lot of users are on the WordPress platform and a simple google search will help you to find the WordPress answers you are looking for. 

WordPress is the most popular CMS platform in the world. I have 6+ years of experience in WordPress and had the pleasure of working with many organizations in the world to build them successful WordPress website. Are you ready to start your blog in WordPress ? Contact me here let us see how I can help you.



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