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What does a non-secure website mean ?

What does a non-secure site mean ?


Have you noticed a warning in your web browser that the website you are browsing is not secure? What does it means ? It does not indicate that your computer or the website you are visiting is affected by malware. It’s alerting you that information send and received with that page is unprotected. ie, information while browsing, logging in, and making purchases …….

Which is the best blogging platform ?

Which is the best blogging platform ?


Are you planning on starting a blog and looking for an idle platform ? WordPress is the best choice. WordPress is the #1 most popular blog software. It’s used by about 38% of all sites in the top 1 million sites and by an astonishing 95% of all the blogs among those sites. WordPress has a lot of Flexibility and offers Customization to Integrate scripts for Development. WordPress…..

6 Ways to make money from your WordPress blog.

6 Ways to make money from your blog.


If you can make quality content that bring organic traffic to your blog, there are several way to monetize. Great content is the key to successful blogging. A money making blog need a lot of content to come up with a lot of ideas and topics. Choose a topic you enjoy reading, researching or writing. If you are not passionate about this topic, the process will be…….

Stay Organized From Start

Stay organized from start


Do you organise your small business with a strong online presence ? Do you provide a seamless customer journey that help your prospects to navigate through your irresistible offers ? Do your business profile portrays your professionalism and confidence in your own business that in turn give your audience the confidence to work with you…….

Do you own your business domain

Do you own your business domain ?


Do you own your business domain ? What does a random FREE SUB DOMAIN in your bio tell your audience ? It shows the lack of your confidence in investing in your own business.  Aren’t you sure if you could bring the value you promise ?A URL such as ‘’ does not inspire confidence ………………

How does a website communicate

How does a website communicate ?


Communication is the main purpose of a website. Website navigation, website copy and CTA (call-to-action) are 3 essential elements of a website that communicates with your audience. Website Navigation is the way of navigating pages, content and information on website. Having organized and easy-to-follow navigation for is very……………….