What does a non-secure site mean ?

What does a non-secure website mean ?

Have you noticed a warning in your web browser that the website you are browsing is not secure? What does it means ? It does not indicate that your computer or the website you are visiting is affected by malware. It’s alerting you that information send and received with that page is unprotected. ie, information while browsing, logging in, and making purchases could be potentially be stolen, read or modified by attackers or hackers. All major web browsers—including Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari—are moving to a user interface that will warn users about insecure pages, so it is important to support HTTPS both for the security benefits and for the optimal user experience.

Why some websites show this warning ?

HTTP was the primary protocol used for internet communication. Over the last few years, websites have been transitioning to HTTPS, which provides security. Websites using HTTPS have encrypted their data, making browsing their site and especially entering any sensitive information, such as login credentials or payment information, much safer for you. The “Not Secure” message will appear when the current web page is not HTTPS. You could also verify this by tapping in the address field to reveal the full URL. Your web browser is warning you that the website is using Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) instead of Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS). Even with basic browsing over HTTP what you are looking at can be monitored, modified, and recorded by entities such as your ISP or government.

What to do ?

If  you are a site owner, purchase an SSL, install it and enable the HTTPS protocol on your web server. HTTPS means that all communication over the Internet for that page is encrypted and prevents any unscrupulous third-party from seeing or mutating the content of the page. If you are a site visitor, avoid conducting any sensational transactions on these pages such as logging in, providing personal information, or payment information. Being Not Secure means that third-parties can potentially snoop on your internet traffic and see what you are doing. Sites like Government websites, Amazon, or your bank are never going to be Not Secure. If it seems like that is happening, you are most likely on a phishing site and should close the tab immediately.

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